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A taxi rolls through one of Shenzhen's red light districts. Shenzhen is Chinaís first completely planned city. The city was commissioned to begin development in 1980 under Deng Xiaopingís ìOpening and Reformî era. Built on top of farming villages, Shenzhen thrived throughout the 1980s and 1990s. From its original population of just a few hundred thousand farmers, Shenzhen now boasts over 12 million residents, entirely migrants, and has proved itself as the industrial center of the Pearl River Delta Region in Southern China. With that being said, Shenzhen is slowing down and problems beyond economic growth are starting to emerge. Shenzhen is one of the cities where Chinaís severe inequality can be seen on almost every street corner. Crime and labor violations are also proving difficult issues to tackle. This photo story is a look at Shenzhen on its 26th birthday.