Philippines: Brett Sutton

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Nicola Spirig, a member of Team TTB, drinks from her water bottle while taking a break from hill running training; while Coach Sutton drives in Subic Bay, Philippines. Team TTB is sponsored by The Bike Boutique and is the first team in Triathlon. Sponsored by The Bike Boutique shops, led by former banker Alex Bok, Team TTB has chosen Subic Bay in the Philippines to train for the winter months of each year. Team TTB?s head coach is Brett Sutton. Sutton has proven himself as a dominant swim and triathlon coach over the years, but he is still a controversial figure since pleading guilty to having a relationship with an underage swimmer while in his late 20s. Having put his past behind him Coach Sutton now has the confidence of his athletes and sponsors and is back training elite athletes and getting incredible results, including rookie break out performer Chrissie Wellington whom won last years signature event the Hawaiian Iron Man.